Everyone means no-one – so who are your target customers?


Making tough choices is part of creating a clear strategy, and for many the toughest of all choices is who will be their target customers. “Everyone is a potential customer” usually follows a passionate explanation about why the organisation doesn’t want to exclude anyone. “Our sport/product/service should be available for everyone to enjoy…” But the trouble with this is that making it available to everyone, doesn’t mean that everyone will want to play/buy/use it.

As Seth Godin puts it “There is no more everyone. Instead, there are many pockets of someones.” As consumers we all have different needs, motivations, expectations, lifestyles, attitudes and capabilities. One person’s indispensable smart phone is another person’s waste of money. A weekly run is essential to some, and a dreadful idea for others.

The key take-away – make a clear choice about who your target customers are

So the key to growth is using insight to clearly identify your target pockets of someones, and then working hard to make an impact on as many someones as possible. To aim at everyone, is to target no-one.

The link to the high performing NGB model

Customers: Strategic choices about target customers is a key foundation of the Customers section of the hpNGB model

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