Twitter Photos bring social media coverage to life

Twitter photos help bring sports coverage to life – how Team Europe did it

We’ve all heard the advice to include photos in social media streams like twitter, and we know that sport is an industry that produces compelling photography every day. But why are twitter photos important?

How Team Europe are using Twitter photos

The Team Europe Ryder Cup Twitter feed has provided a great example of how any team with online followers can use photography in their twitter stream to provide rich and compelling real-time coverage for their fans. Combining short but regular updates, supported by relevant photos has helped them provide a modern and engaging way of updating everyone that can’t follow the Ryder Cup in person or on TV.

The fans-eye view of the comments, combined with sharing images that show the action and emotions unfolding, is an approach that many teams and sports can use. It takes commitment and focus, but if your team/sport need to engage fans and potential participants more regularly, combining photos and twitter updates is a great way to bring your customer marketing to life. Not only do you engage your social media followers, but twitter posts with photos are also more likely to be shared with other people outside of your current audience.

How teams and organisations can use Twitter photos

For example an NGB could use this approach to bring its members, fans and potential participants closer to the action at a national championships. Or a university to use it to help all the students on campus to be part of the action at the University Games. To increase engagement, the same fans and followers can be encouraged to tweet back messages of support to the team. And participants and fans at the event can also chip in by sharing their own photos to a dedicated hashtag.

So using twitter photos to cover your team’s/sport’s next big event is a great way to build awareness and increase customer engagement. In this age where TV coverage of sport is becoming ever harder for many events to achieve, social media is becoming the ideal channel to engage those who can’t be there in person (and even those who can). So how is your sport or team using photography across social media? Please leave a comment below…

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