Paul J Roberts – Director, RobertsSports

Paul J Roberts - Director, RobertsSports

Paul J Roberts – Director, RobertsSports

My expertise is in helping organisations to achieve sustainable growth. To help deliver on their strategic goals, I work with organisations to align strategic planning with operational execution. The goal often becomes ensuring that the current scale of activity leads to the desired future scale of impact.

Through applying proven business principles I help organisations to connect their insight to impact. This customer-led approach can help organisations across all sectors to achieve sustainable growth by aligning their priorities to the needs of their customers.

A proven international approach

This approach is based on my 20 years of international experience working for and with growth organisations in the UK, Australia and New Zealand. During this time I have worked with market leaders, challenger brands and start-ups across the financial services, telecoms, sport, marketing and energy industries. These brands have included Sport England, PwC, HSBC and AAPT.

Significant client projects include:

Sector transformation – creating and implementing a systematic programme to consistently diagnose and improve the business capability of national governing bodies in England & New Zealand (the “high performing NGBs” framework).

Business model innovation – leading the development of a future vision and transformation plan to deliver customer-centric growth for an energy retailer

Customer experience – enabling a media organisation to measure and improve the quality of both sales processes and customer experiences within its call centres

Creating actionable insight – identifying and harnessing a multitude of customer databases & touch points to create relevant and actionable insights for retail banks

Behaviour change – understanding how and why financial services customers and sport participants are engaging with products, and developing successful programmes to improve product usage and profitability

Customer retention – identifying the root causes of customer churn, and implementing programmes that extended the customer lifecycle and improved the retention of profitable customers

Performance benchmarking – helping sport and financial services organisations compare and improve their performance relative to their peers and the wider market