Good enough, rarely is

Seth Godin posted last week on the all too congested road to mediocrity. And that taking this road is a daily exercise in deciding that ‘good enough is enough’.

Also last week, Manchester United sold Renaldo for GBP 80 million. A sum even Alex Ferguson described as “vulgar”. Regardless of your views on Renaldo, or his market valuation, its clear that he didn’t become that valuable by settling for mediocrity.

Achieving the dizzy heights of high performance, is not just about performing well in competition. It’s the daily decisions to spend extra hours in practice, when others have gone home. It’s about having the courage to risk failure, in the pursuit of new ways to beat opponents. And its about being fueled by a vision – a vision of performance beyond what mere mortals can achieve.

But the secret is, mere mortals can achieve such performances. Sure Renaldo has some natural talent, but no more so than many who have failed to rise above obscurity. Sporting greats such as Sebastian Coe, David Beckham and Dan Carter all admit that others have had the same raw talents that they possessed. But what “the settlers” lacked was the vision, belief and commitment to make the daily choice to rise above “good enough”.

Of course, the business world is no different. Where would we be today if Steve Jobs had accepted a mediocre, run of the mill idea for a music player or mobile phone? Aim high, and take the road less travelled.

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