Voice of the customer – how to hear it and respond to it

Listening to the voice of the customer – how to hear and respond to it

To truly understand your target customers, and influence their future behaviour, you need to hear the voice of the customer from 4 different perspectives.
Why 4?
Because focusing on only 1 will give you an incomplete, if not inaccurate, picture of your customers. Advertising guru David Ogilvy explained it this way: "Consumers don't think how they feel. They don't say what they think and they don't do what they say". So it's only by combining these 4 perspectives that you get the voice of the customer coming through loud and clear.
The solution to this is to build a more rounded view of the customer. This doesn't need to be complicated or expensive, as in many cases these data sources or customer interactions already exist. For example:
What do they think about you? Start by running a series of online surveys using tools like SurveyMonkey
What do they say about you? Start by reading existing conversations about your sport/product/competitors on social media
How does this make them feel about you? Start by gathering a few customers together and ask them how they feel about different experiences
How does this make them behave? Start by reviewing the data that is already being captured about customers across your organisation