high performing NGBs – a systematic approach to insight-led growth

The high performing NGBs framework helps develop the capability to drive insight-led growth

The high performing NGB approach is a collaborative insight-led approach to developing capability. It was developed to provide sports organisations with a systematic approach to understanding and developing their capability to drive growth. This growth could be in participation, membership or supporters - the principles are the same.

The hpNGB approach has four basic stages:

1) Diagnostic - the high performing NGB model is used to shape a series of conversations about where the organisation is now, where it needs to be in the future and how it can get there given the organisation’s other priorities. This approach creates valuable debate and leads to a shared view from across each part of the organisation. From this shared view, a list of priority areas is agreed. This list represents the key areas of capability/capacity that the organisation must address to achieve its strategic goals.

2) Discovery - each agreed priority area is reviewed in greater detail, through discussions with the relevant teams and stakeholders. The objective is to discover both the root cause and implications of the identified capability/capacity gaps and also any pockets of good practice that already exist within each priority area.

3) Implementation - the solutions for gaps and opportunities that offer the greatest impact are planned and delivered. Usually this is achieved with the existing programme management resources within the organisation.

4) Scale - tools and best practices are created within an organisation-specific knowledge bank. By aggregating knowledge and making it easily accessible across the organisation, a foundation is created for applying this knowledge to create a process of continuous improvement.

Through adopting this 4-step approach to using the high performing NGB model, sports organisations benefit from applying business best practices within the context of their specific priorities and focus. It provides the flexibility to meet each organisations specific needs while retaining an independent perspective that can constructively challenge underlying assumptions.

For more information on the high performing NGB model, or the broader hpNGB approach, please drop me a line through the contact me page.

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