Customer experience in sport – a survey to help unleash growth

Great customer experiences don’t happen by accident

customer experience sport survey

Click here to take a short customer experience sport survey. Learn how your approach to customer experience compares to other sports organisations.

Companies that consistently deliver great customer experiences are easy to name. The experience of flying with Virgin is memorably personal while the experience of shopping with Amazon is memorably fast. Both companies continue to drive growth by looking at the world through the eyes of their target customers.

It is also easy to name companies that deliver bad customer experiences. The chances are, you’ve heard other people raving or cursing about their experiences even if yours have been fine. Before the advent of social media, annoyed customers told an average of ten friends. But now some customers are telling thousands about their great and bad experiences.

What does great customer experience mean for sport?

Well despite all the personal and health benefits that come from sports participation, many people still avoid it. In many countries less than half the population are taking part in sport regularly. While there are many reasons given for the high inactivity levels, I believe most reasons boil down to people avoiding sport because they:

  • don’t think it will be fun
  • find it hard to access
  • have had bad experiences in the past

Survey – customer experience sport

  • What sport and customer experiences do you want customers to get from your organisation or brand?
  • How does the experience your customers actually get, differ from the one you would like them to have?
  • What are you doing to proactively close this gap?

If your organisation is looking to grow its participant or fan base, then everyone in your organisation needs to know the answers to these questions. You need to all be on the same page about what your customer insight is telling you, the customer experiences your are creating in response and the key measures you are using to manage progress.

Take our short customer experience survey now, and request a summary of the overall results. It’s a simple first step to helping your sports organisation unleash customer-led growth…

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