Paul Roberts standing in front of a television presenting on customer and revenue growth

Customer and Revenue Growth

Does your organisation want to drive customer and revenue growth?

Paul Roberts has 25 years of international experience, working with organisations from tech start-ups like MyCustomerLens, through governing bodies like The RFL and public sector bodies like The Big Lottery all the way up to international corporations like PwC and HSBC. The common thread? Helping organisations to develop a shared customer understanding as a foundation for driving customer and revenue growth.

Paul works as a freelance consultant, facilitating practical and engaging workshops that help organisations tackle challenging topics and get teams and employees on the same page.

How Paul can help you drive customer and revenue growth…

Define your purpose, vision and values

Your purpose, vision and values are at the very heart of your culture and how you make decisions. However, these vital foundations are often confused or out of date, making consistent execution much hard to achieve.

This practical 1-day workshop, for your Board &/or Senior Management Team, will get everyone back on the same page.

Define your strategic priorities & align them to your operational focus

Seamless execution happens when employees know exactly how they contribute to the strategic goals. However, team and strategic priorities are often set in isolation from each other, making it hard to know what to change when goals are being missed.

This practical 2-day workshop, for your Board &/or Senior Management Team, defines clear strategic priorities (day 1) and then links them to operational activities (day 2).

Get clear and consistent about your target customers

Who are your target customers? This may seem a simple question, but too often different teams have different information and views of the customer. This information rarely gets shared or challenged, and as a result, decisions become confused.

This practical 1-day workshop for cross-functional teams helps everyone get clear about who your customers really are and what they need and expect from you.

Map the customer journey and your desired customer experience

Every business is now competing on customer experience. It’s the number 1 driver of top-line growth. Customer expectations keep evolving, so how do you deliver consistent and compelling experiences?

This practical 1-day workshop, for cross-functional teams, starts by mapping out your customer journey. You will then define the key experiences and where limited resources need to be focused to deliver success.

Benefit from external facilitation of bespoke workshops, focus groups and interviews

In addition to the structured workshops above, I can also support your bespoke facilitation needs. Examples of client facilitation include:

  • Customer workshops and focus groups
  • Board planning sessions
  • Executive Committee decision-making
  • Client training sessions

Feedback from happy clients

“your input and advice has been vital and I’ve really enjoyed working with you”
Lisa Horton, The Big Lottery

“Your support, guidance and creativity has been invaluable”
Jon Dutton, The RFL

“Once again thanks for delivering a great day with us. Appreciate all you do”
Phylip Morgan, Network Group

“staff really enjoyed the session and we were able to tackle a challenging topic”
Chris Ratcliffe, Boccia England