Visual marketing of community sport

It’s time to transform how community sport engages with its participants & fans

Visual marketing of community sport

Transforming how community sport engages with its participants & fans – by showing real people playing real sport

Is your marketing inspiring more people to play sport?

Sport at every level oozes energy, colour, excitement and variety. Yet many organisations struggle to consistently produce marketing materials that can:

  • grab the attention of their target audience
  • encourage them to take action
  • change their behaviours
  • increase their levels of engagement and participation

This marketing challenge is the same around the world and across the country. It applies to promoting a wide range of sports across a geographic area, increasing attendance at a sport venue and attracting new members to a local club. Limited time, budget or expertise means marketing comms are often failing to cut through the ever-increasing demands for the public’s attention.

The answer is to showcase what grassroots sport is best at

In discussing this challenge with community sports organisations and marketing agencies, one theme keeps coming up. Visual content has become more important than ever for connecting with target audiences. People expect to see great imagery not just in marketing materials but also in their social media streams. The media and online sites are responding to this by giving visual content great priority.

All of which should be great news for sport, because we have such a great experience to show people. But while professional sports marketing is flourishing, community sport is failing to reach all the people that could be inspired by it. Organisations large and small are struggling to find sports photography that can deliver the required quality and impact while also featuring:

  • real people
  • in real locations
  • playing real sport

Improving how sport engages with its fans and participants

RobertsSports is meeting this challenge head-on. Our mission is to transform how sport engages with its fans and participants, by using relevant and inspiring action photography to drive high-impact marketing campaigns. If you want to chat about how sports photography can help you achieve growth, please get in touch using the form below.

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