3 steps to become a customer centricity champion

Becoming a customer centricity champion – 3 steps to get started

A version of this article, how to become a customer centricity champion, appeared in the recent CSPNetwork newsletter and on www.cspnetwork.org Summary The Government’s new Sports Strategy advocates a more ‘customer-centered’ and collaborative approach by all parts of the sector. “This strategy is first and foremost about meeting the needs of the customer, understanding what […]

Customer experience in sport – a survey to help unleash growth

Great customer experiences don’t happen by accident Companies that consistently deliver great customer experiences are easy to name. The experience of flying with Virgin is memorably personal while the experience of shopping with Amazon is memorably fast. Both companies continue to drive growth by looking at the world through the eyes of their target customers. It is also […]

Customer-led growth – it’s time for a sporting revolution

Unleashing customer-led growth requires sports organisations to start a revolution. A revolution in how they think and work. The sports industry is facing a significant challenge. Consumer expectations are changing fast, and these changes could make community sport increasingly irrelevant. Yet the potential for growing participants and fans is huge. But to achieve it, sports organisations must commit to […]

Bezos ecosystem customer centricity | RobertsSports

Amazon ecosystem to include Barclays branches

Customer-centricity is at the very heart of Amazon’s strategy. The online retailer understands that its success is driven by creating a pain-free shopping experience for its customers. Central to this strategy is an ecosystem of partners that can source and deliver a wide range of products. Interestingly, this ecosystem now includes Barclays Bank branches. An ecosystem of partners With innovations […]

The sporting future is customer-led

The sporting future is customer-led

Sporting Future – A New Strategy for an Active Nation Last week the UK government published Sporting Future, its new strategy for UK sport. This strategy is a very welcome step forward for the sport sector and the UK as a whole. Sporting Future has defined the market opportunity, clear priorities, supporting measures of success […]